About the cambodia real estate awards

Realestate.com.kh is proud to announce the second annual Cambodia Real Estate Awards (CREA). This gala event will serve to recognise and celebrate excellence within the Cambodian real estate industry.

Last year’s award ceremony was a resounding success, and the first time in Cambodia’s history where the countries real estate agencies and agents were highlighted as a whole and evaluated objectively. This year, we are striving to continue this legacy and bring the property industry to greater heights.

The CREA entry criteria has been constructed with an overriding focus on inclusiveness. Agencies will be grouped into three different categories: Boutique Corporate Enterprise

This will ensure that the awards cover the huge variety of real estate businesses operating in the country. The CREA have become a benchmark for Cambodia’s real estate agencies, individual agents, valuation experts and property management firms.

There are absolutely no costs associated with entering or winning awards at the event. The CREA winners will be judged and, ultimately, named by a panel of industry experts and government officials. Judges will also consult public opinion obtained through online voting.

Realestate.com.kh and the CVEA the event organisers, remain wholly independent and separate from the judging process.

The judging process will be monitored with diligence by the Ministry of Economy and Finance to ensure the awards are free from any bias. CREA follows a global model that awards excellence in a transparent, objective and fair way.

Once nominees are shortlisted, all finalists and the Kingdom’s broader real estate industry will be invited to attend an awards ceremony and gala dinner. This will give everyone a chance to celebrate an amazing year of achievements.

Finalists and award winners will be granted the prestigious CREA seal. This symbol can be used in all marketing materials. Winners will receive a beautiful trophy and a certificate confirming their personal or company achievement.


To assist in further professionalising the Cambodian real estate industry by recognising the leading agents and agencies and celebrating the finest real estate practices and professionals nationwide.


To recognise the achievements of the Cambodian real estate industry objectively, without bias or undue influence and on a wholly inclusive basis, that allows all firms and individuals to participate regardless of the size or wealth of their operation.


  • Independent
  • Transparent
  • Inclusive
  • Recognizing Public Opinion